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BetaQuants is an Innovative Learning Platform for Quantitative Finance Research. We are adept at providing Cutting-edge Software Tools, Systems and Organisational turn-around Solutions for FinTechs and Market practitioners.

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Python for Quantitative Finance

In this course, you are going to learn Python from scratch, Financial Markets basics, Data Analysis specific to Financial data. We will also be touching upon the basics of Backtesting. Enroll and start your journey

Learn basics of Python, Environments and Functions

Backtesting in Python and Backtesting Libraries

Object oriented Programming for Quantitative Finance

Finance focused Data Engineering

Financial Market Basics, Econometrics

80000 100000

Excel for Quantitative Finance

Learn Valuation Modelling, Strategy Backtesting, Power BI, Data Analytics in Excel to upgrade you skill from Quantitative view. Enroll and start your journey

Excel basics and Data Analytics

Options Simulation in Excel

Advance Excel and VBA Programming

Valuation Models in Excel

Backtesting in Excel

32000 40000


Learn Web3, Decentralization, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. Know the working of Smart Contract through coding. Create and deploy your smart contract by coding in Solidity. Enroll and start your journey

Smart Contracts and Solidity Basics

Web3 and Decentralization

Dapp and DeFi

Smart Contracts and Solidity Basics

Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Altcoins

96000 120000

Trading Applications

Own your Automated trading application deployed on cloud servers for End To End Trading strategy Deployment

Automate Login Flow to Brokers terminal

Market Data Collection and Storage

Order Placement and Storage with Multiple Strategies

Dashboard for Order monitoring

Multiple User Connection

Analytics Dashboard

Generating signals to forecast the market behaviour and informed decisions

Build your own Market Dashboard

Connect with Trading Application to know Strategy performance

Get data report for further study and Strategy formation

Customize as per your trading requirements

Cloud based version for lower latency and better data throughput

Backtesting Solutions

Backtest your strategy and generate entire report

Build strategies using given constraints

Connect various data and data sources

Backtest Strategies using the Framework

Generate customized report

Add portfolio metrics and parameters

Strategy Framework

Strategy Builder for all your Algo Trading Applications for automated Signals (Ex.- AmiBroker)

Build a Black Box for All the Strategies

Switch different strategies during different market condition

Allocate capital for multiple strategies

Change parameters for the strategies with fixed skeleton

Automate strategy selection based on custom conditions

Option Pricing

Predict and Analyze options along with greeks for building constant revenue generating strategies

Forecast the value of option in a volatile market

Calculate the Option Greeks and formulate trading parameters

Build strategies for placing orders

Stress test the strategy performance using simulations

Adjust strategy depending on market regimes

Copy Trading Application Dashboard

Copy Trades from Master account to Child accounts.

Family Connection

Analytics Dashboard

Robust Application

Multiple Api connection

Risk Management


A complete guide on Management consulting, Risk Consulting and Technology Consulting to transform an idea into Architecture of Organisational Setup